Concept Of Leadership

Picture a general of an ancient army on the day of a battle. He's riding a horse, rallying his men with a speech, and sending them off to fight. He's in the rear, firing off orders to subcommanders and attempting to outmanuever his opponent.

Now picture a street repair team supervisor arriving at the site of the first job of the day. He's got 1 hour, a team of 4, and a huge crack in the street to patch before the morning rush hour.

Finally, picture a young girl at school organizing her friends into a basketball game. Some friends are highly skilled and some are still learning. The boys are taking up the full court instead of half, and recess is only 15 minutes long.

Fundamentally, the concept of leadership is the exercise of will over situation. The general is attempting to exert his will over that of his enemies'. The supervisor is exerting his will to use his team to make a timely repair. The girl is exerting her will to have a game she wants to play within the bounds of the current cirumstances.

Cycle Of Leadership

In order to exercise will over situation, a leader must make decisions. A situation might call for hundreds of small decisions or one huge one. A leader may opt to make their decision entirely within their own head or solicit advice from others. Not coming to a decision is a decision in and of itself.

Once a decision (or set of decisions) is reached, communication to others is required. This communication is usually direct, such are telling others the outcome, but can also be indirect and communicated through action intented for inference.

Eventually the consequences of the decision bear fruit and the original situation is either resolved or changed and requires new decisions, at which point the process starts again.

Understanding this cycle is key to understanding leadership as a principle. It is my intent to study, reflect upon, and present examples of all forms of leadership from both world history and my own experience. Through this I hope to better understand leadership and maybe you will, too :)

The process starts over again.